I Need A Man Badly, I Don’t Mind Being A 2nd or 3rd wife – Popular Actress Cries Out


Beautiful Nigerian actress Christabel Egbenya has openly declared her relationship status on social media.

Christabel Egbenya revealed in an interview with The Sun she is direly in need of a man and does not mind if she becomes the second or third wife of her husband.

According to the Enugu State-based script interpreter, so long as she is happy in her marriage she is ready to become an addition to a married man.


“When it comes to serious dating for now, I don’t have a man, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a boyfriend. I like an understanding man. Who will love me for who I am and will support my business and all. If he is rich, handsome and dark, why not? Who no like better thing. That is everyone women’s prayers.

However, I can marry from any tribe in Nigeria, Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa, as long as I am happy. I can even be his 2nd or 3rd wife, it doesn’t really matter if there’s true love and happiness.”