Adjetey Anang Advises Upcoming Actors Aspiring To Become Jackie Appiah And Majid Michel

Adjetey Anang

Adjetey Anang is a Veteran Ghanaian actor who has paid his quota to the movie industry, he has advised upcoming actors not to be in a rush for fame.

Speaking in a interview on Adom TV , Adjetey Anang divulged that, upcoming actors need to be clear about what goes on in the entertainment industry.

He advised them to not look at the  luxurious lifestyle of some experienced actors because they worked hard to get what they are enjoying now.

The popular actor stated that;

“Set your motivation right before entering into the film industry. Some people are motivated by the fancy dresses Nadia Buari, Jackie Appiah wear on social media which is wrong.”

“Pusher” as was his name in the movie “Things we do for love” furthered that;

“They worked hard to get that lifestyle and as a newbie, don’t expect to get overnight, acting goes beyond talent and passion, it involves dedication, humility and dignity”

“Your motivation should be about coming into the industry to exhibit your talent and skill to help the industry grow.”

“You can’t rely on only passion and talent; you should acquire skills and training. You can’t be Jackie Appiah and Majid Michel overnight,” he reiterated.

In his final statement, Adjetey Anang advised young actors to learn from their seniors by humbling themselves.

Watch the video below;