Akuapem Poloo Drops Throwback Bedroom Photos With Ex-boyfriend


Ghanaian actress, video vixen and social media commentator Akuapem Poloo has shared throwback photos of herself and ex-boyfriend chilling in bed.

Poloo was forced to share the said photos on social media to debunk allegations that somebody was trying to use the photo which she said was eight years old against her.

“Lol haha so I needed to post all this because someone is in my dm holding this old pictures telling me he will send it to @adinmasomadina I laugh like killer let me post it myself we were this cool oo 8years ago,” she wrote.

In yet another photo, Poloo also shared another photo of her ex-boyfriend lying on a bed and holding their son who was an infant.

Sharing the photo, Akuapem Poloo indicated that some fans had been wondering why her son is dark in complexion as compared to her.

According to her, it was because the boy’s father who was captured in the photo was very dark.

“So a lot of my fans always ask why chief grew up looking dark and this is the reason nothing to hide his father is dark skin and that’s chief with his father wai,” she captioned the photo.

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