Becca’s Husband Wrote A Lovely Message While Celebrating Their Two-Years Wedding Anniversary

Becca, a Ghanaian musician is one of the few female musicians who has successfully married. Although many people suspected her marriage will just be like that of most Ghanaian celebrities and will not go far. But Becca and her husband have proved many people wrong and their marriage is already two years old.

Becca’s husband is a Nigerian and she surprised all her fans and Ghanaian people by choosing a Nigerian husband over the men in Ghana.

Becca whose real name is Rebecca Akosua Acheampomaa Acheampong celebrated her birthday few days ago on the 15th of August. She is a promising musician who has never disappointed her fans. She was labeled as the Queen of Ghanaian Music, describing the African culture where she went.

Some of her fans seemed unhappy because they claimed that she has gone low key after she got married.

Oluwatobi Sanni Daniel, Becca’s husband has posted on his Instagram page to celebrate their marriage anniversary as they mark two years of their marriage journey.

Please read his heart-touching message below:

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There’s nothing new to you about this message cos you hear it from me all the time. @beccafrica you’re simply the best for me. Everything about you embodies greatness. You are a real woman… a very real one!!! Creatively blessed, a fantastic mother and the best wife. You wake up ridiculously early on a daily to fix breakfast and take care of the little one, off to the work all day cos you’re hands on and always there to get our businesses running, return home after 10-12 hours and straight to the kitchen to cook some of the most sumptuous meals you will ever taste in the world. This is not an exaggeration… she’s an amazing chef!!!!! You only come into sit after dinner is done and we’re all done eating. Without any rest, you jump into the studio to record. This might seem seamless/easy but it takes the super grace of God to be you! You’re a supreme woman, my supreme woman @beccafrica I appreciate every little thing you do. You’re constantly selfless and always pushing to be better than the best of you. I love you baby and I will do just anything in the world for you. Everyday, I think it’s impossible to love you more but each day our love takes new heights. For every little gesture you think i might not even notice, I say thank you my gorgeous baby. Happy Anniversary my love @beccafrica August 18th #Aug18

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This is really heartwarming. Isn’t it?