Captain Smart Praise Dr. UN, Says He’s Proud To Receive Fake Award

Ghanaian broadcaster, Captain Smart seems to embrace the fake award which was given to him by Dr. UN.

Many perceive that anytime something goes wrong on the side of a public figure they turn to damage control but it looks like Ghanaians are not seeing that on the side of the presenter.

Dr. UN who is said to be a con artist duped almost all the public figures in the country with his award which he claimed that it’s from the United Nations.

He was subjected to scrutiny and later exposed that he wasn’t affiliated to any office of the UN.

Well, the loudmouth presenter and morning show host for Angel Fm in Accra says he’s very proud to receive the fake award.

According to him, he’s ever ready to take another award from the con artist.He explained that he’s not trashing the award and those who claim to have the genuine one should bring theirs.