Cheating Husband Gets Glued to Mistress During ATOPA With Mistress – WATCH

A cheating husband identified as Sulah got glued to a mattress while having ATOPA with her alleged mistress and it took the intervention of a herbal doctor before they were separated.

Cheating husband

Per the report, his wife made a charm for him to be caught after hearing several rumours that her husband has been cheating on her.

cheating husband

The incident reportedly happened in Namatala, Mbale, Uganda, and the name of the guest house is Triple Zero Guest House and it was actually a cleaner who saw them stuck together.

cheating husband

Upon seeing what has happened, the cleaner immediately raised an alarm, calling for the attention of everybody in and around the guest house.

All effort to separate the two proved futile and it was then that they knew that it was a spiritual issue so they took them to a traditional healer.

The traditional healer also tried all tricks but they also proved futile. They were then taken to another traditional healer named Dr Jemba.

After trying several tricks, he decided that before he could successfully separate them, the cheating husband’s wife should be summoned.

After she came, the two were successfully separated, however, this cheating husband has vowed to chase his wife away for embarrassing him in the way that she did.