Efia Odo ‘Attacks’ Bloggers And Other Celebrities For Supporting Beefs

Efia Odo

Born Andrea Owusu, better called Efia Odo a Ghanaian video vixen, actress and a socialite has sounded a word of caution to bloggers and other celebrities in Ghana to support female artists when they release their singles instead of beefs.

According to her, the kind of energy pumped by bloggers and other celebrities when it comes to beefs should be repeated when a female artist release a single.

In a post sighted by A2zgh.com, the socialite expressed her worry about the recent beefs that have set in the music industry especially the female ones.


In her lengthy post, she described bloggers and some Ghanaians who support beefs as fake and a stop must be done.

Apparently her comment comes in the wake of the recent misunderstandings between some female entertainers in the country.

Just recently, Sista Afia and Freda Rhymz threw some shots against themselves via these songs, which is WMT and KMT respectively.

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Y'all scream religion, the Bible this the Bible that and etc but are the FIRST to get excited when there is beef or a fight between people. Where is all the support for your artists when they drop music? Why? you no dey like demma songs? When the music is about beef and etc deer you'll see comments from so-called fans, celebs and bloggers posting without charging. You Ghanaians, 99.999% are hypocrites. You preach what you don't practice. Y'all are FAKE and that's why I will unapologetically continue to live life. ON GOD I AM HOLIER THAN YOUR MODERN DAY CHRISTIAN!! I just chose to exhibit my life to the public eye. None of you are virgins, most of you are worst in your private homes. Support your artists and stop the nkwasiasem. If y’all supported beef music like how y'all support their regular music like we would be recognized internationally and your artist would be making some real money. Half of them dey bleed cuz the support ain't there! let me jokingly suck on a cucumber you'll see the views and comments and shares. When I talk about real shit like child molestation and the state of the homeless and underprivileged, NO ONE CARES. You people see where your priorities are right? Nkwasiaaem ye mu de too much.

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