Father Gives His Son Hot Slaps After Failing Terribly In SHS Exams (Video)


A2zgh.com has chanced on a video on social media that sees a father given additional sounds to his son’s eardrum after allegedly failing terribly in his SHS exams.

The video which has since caught the eyes of many Ghanaians was shared on the Instagram page of broadcast journalist Abeiku Santana.

Abeiku who sees the actions of the father to be abusive and Domestic Violence a Child’s Rights urged all his followers to share their views on the said incident.

Meanwhile, reports we have gathered have it that since he always fails in the theory aspect in his SHS education, he is willing to do music instead of os studying in school.

Abeiku who was worried about the situation captioned the abusive video;

Domestic Violence and Abuse of a Child’s Rights

Please share your views of this video.
The Son failed terribly in his High School Exams and got some slaps, the son has now decided he wants to do music, the mother recorded the video and it has gone viral now. Such abuses happens in most African homes. Carefully comment on what see in this video 
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