‘The ATOPA Is Too Much Go & Find A Girlfriend Because I’m Tired’ – Ghanaian Woman Begs Husband After ‘Eating’ Her Meat 24/7 In Lockdown (VIDEO)

A serious brawl ensued between a Ghanaian couple who seem to be having issues with their intimacy in lockdown.

The unidentified Ghanaian married wife was seen and heard in a video complaining bitterly to her husband over the countless times of rounds they have had.


The man whose face was not revealed in the video could be heard asking his wife to allow him to go an extra round claiming that is what they can only do as they observe the ‘stay-at-home’ order by President Nana Akufo Addo.

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The wife also argued that the fact that Akufo Addo ordered Ghanaians to stay indoors does not mean they should engage in a marathon of several rounds all throughout the lockdown period besides that was not even part of Akufo Addo’s directive.


According to the woman in the video, her husband has been knocking her in the morning, afternoon, evening and at dawn.


She asked her husband to go and find himself a girlfriend to continue with his desires because she is tired, and her private part hurts.