Keche Finally Reveals Why They Cannot Go Their Separate Ways


Keche is among the longest surviving music duo to ever surface the Ghana music scenes, they have finally explained why they can’t separate no matter the circumstance.

Speaking in a recent interview on Bryt TV, The duo explained that, working together as group has helped them build their careers in the entertainment industry and separating will make them go hungry.

Joshua stated that;

”I can boldly say Keche is the longest surviving music duo in Ghana.This is because when we have a scuffle, we find ways to solve it amicably without involving a third party which has always worked out.

We will go hungry if we separate…..our brand is solid and we are going to work hard to keep it strong.”

Speaking on how they combine their careers and their personal life, Andrew who is married to their manager disclosed that he always tries to separate business from pleasure so that they don’t end up in a compromising situation.

”I am a strong believer of the Bible so what I do most is, I pray with my wife before we start the day. We always find ways to please our wives so that they don’t miss us too much when we go out of town for work”. Keche Andrew stated.

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