Kwesi Arthur’s father reacts to his son’s intention to marry at age 35


Kwesi Arthur’s father has reacted to his son’s previous comment that he will get married at the age of 35.

Kwesi Arthur’s father
Kwesi Arthur and his father

Kwesi Arthur some months ago in an interview weeks ago revealed his intentions to think about getting married when he turns 35 because it is not his plan now.

He claimed that getting married now will let him lose focus on his career and rather become a family man.

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But Kwesi Arthur’s father in a recent reaction to his son’s comment has stated that his son should not be taken seriously.

“He can’t be serious. I saw it and I said ‘this guy is he normal’? When you are young and you put structures in place, you make healthy babies. They should have asked him how old his dad was when he gave birth to him. I think 35 is too much,” Kwesi Arthur’s father said.

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He added the son’s comment could mean he is saying it from past experiences he had when he was growing up.

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