Majid Michel makes shocking comment about Christian religion, Islamic religion


Majid Michel has made a shocking comment about the Christian religion and the Islamic religion.

Majid Michel
Majid Michel

According to Majid, the Christian religion, the Islamic religion and other religions are the world’s biggest problems.

He explained that all religions have a history of ‘perpetrating violence and a history of destroying humanity’ and cautioned that people stay away from being too religious.

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Majid Michel wrote on social media; “I am convinced that the number one and number two problem on earth if it’s not leadership, is religion. Religion historically has perpetrated so much destruction”

He added, “and I am talking about Christian religion, Hindu religion, Buddhists religion, Islamic religion, all of them have a history of violence, a history destroying humanity. So no one can throw stones at each other

Majid Michel for sometime has been very active with God’s work as he has been seen preaching the word of God both Ghana and outside Ghana.

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It has, however, been shocking to many that he is making such a comment about the religions.

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