I Nearly Died From A Ga Lady’s Brokenheart; I Even Wanted To Do Drugs— Kennedy Agyapong Sadly Recounts


Obiaa w) ne master which translates as everyone has that one thing that can make them fall to their knees. For Kennedy Agyapong, it was a Ga lady who weakened him.

The MP for Assin Central who is not only uncouth but strong-willed and fearless has revealed that it took a relationship of a Ga lady he was within 1992 to end for him to fall flat in his face.

According to him, it was almost as if it was a double punishment because they had just lost that year’s election and the cherry on top was a broken heart.

“After the election in 1992, I spent 300,000 dollars on NPP and because we lost the election I lost everything and didn’t have anything on me. So this Ga lady left me broken-hearted.”

“But it is good she left me because that lady loves money”.

He says the lady thought it was the end of his life because he had lost so much and when he got back to the US, he had been ejected from the house he lived in with his wife.

Little did the lady know that he would rise again to be this rich— in simple words, Ken wants us to know that he has had his own struggles in life.

“But the lady made a mistake because she thought that was the end of me but here I am today.”

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