Bisa KDei, Patoranking, Others ‘CHOPPED’ Patapaa’s white girlfriend


It has been revealed by an Instagram blogger with the username nogokpopowers that Patapaa’s white girlfriend has been ‘chopped’ by other celebrities.

According to the Instagram blogger, Patapaa’s white girlfriend who is known in real life as Liha Miller has had an affair with Bisa Kdei, Gyptian, Christopher Martins and Patoranking before.

Patapaa's white girlfriend
Patapaa’s white girlfriend, Patoranking, Bisa Kdei

Blogger nogokpopowers revealed this in a post he made on Instagram. He wrote

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Patapaa or Waleva dey follow this white girl cos of her money..Her real name is Liha Miller. Bisa Kdei fvck am saaaa, Gyptian, Patoranking, Christopher Martins all enter..Patapaa will leave her after spending her money..#nogokpopower #ghana.More coming through soon.

We can confirm or deny this allegation though. But it appears the person behind this account has more information to back his claims.

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He managed to post some pictures which seem to make what he is saying about Patapaa’s white girlfriend to be true to believe.

Swipe to see more photos of Patapaa’s white girlfriend, Bisa Kdei, Patoranking and others.

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