Paul Dogboe Finally Reveals Isaac Dogboe Lost To Navarette Because Of Juju


The father of former WBO Super Bantamweight holder, Isaac Dogboe, Paul Dogbe has finally revealed that his son’s defeat to Navarette was caused by Juju.

Apparently, if many could recall, in the round up to Dogboe’s first title defense with the Mexican last year, many were of the view that Dogboe’s chances of winning were on a higher pedestal but that couldn’t be materialized.

In an interview with Nathaniel Attoh on Joy FM on Saturday, April 26, Paul Dogboe, revealed that certain rituals that were performed as he sought to repair certain family relics cost his son the world title and this was predicted by a Christian prophet.

“We were bringing a stool that had not come back to his throne yet. When you are repairing all these things, certain rituals will have to be performed and we had done all that.

But the prophet told me that things would not go well. I told my son that the juju people said we were going to knock Navarette out in round two but the prophet said that could not be.

I was in doubt but I did not know what came over me and I continued. People urged me to continue to repair the family palace and all that.

Even with the rematch, I did not learn my lessons. Some people in my family said I had done something wrong and so, we needed to perform more rituals to correct what I had done. At the same time, the building was not done yet and so, I continued with the construction.

Those people in the family came back to tell me that Dogboe would win the rematch in the 4th round“

Meanwhile, Isaac Dogboe after his two losses has begun massive training to return to fitness.