Photo Of Sarkodie Wearing A Shirt With The Inscription ‘I LUV TRACY’ Goes Viral

sarkodie-tracy has chanced on a throwback photo of Sarkodie wearing a shirt with the inscription, ‘I LUV TRACY’.

The throwback photo which has since caught the attention of Sark fans and many netizens were shared by Ameyawdebrah on his Facebook page.

Photo Of Sarkodie Wearing A Shirt With The Inscription 'I LUV TRACY' Goes Viral 1

The thirteen (13) years ago photo saw the rapper and BET award winner looking all swagged up with his friends.

Apparently, the picture depicts how Sarkodie felt for his current wife even though they were all broke then.


In’s daily reports, wife of Sarkodie, Tracy Sarkcess has disclosed why she stayed glued to Sarkodie even though she was broke during his hustling stage.

According to her, relationships then were not all about money and that money was not the reason why she loved the rapper.

Tracy Sarkcess Finally Discloses Why She Stayed With Sarkodie Even Though Sark Was ‘Broke’ Then

She added that she was equally ‘broke’ just as her boyfriend and so money was not her focus in the relationship at all adding that the era they found herself in really helped them.