SHS graduate narrates how she escaped from ritual murderers


SHS graduate narrates how she escaped from ritual murderers – An SHS graduate from the Brong Ahafo Region has narrated to Rainbow Radio how she escaped from ritual murderers who kidnapped her and attempted to sacrifice her with the help of a juju man.

SHS graduate narrates how she escaped from ritual murderers
SHS graduate narrates how she escaped from ritual murderers

According to the 22-year-old SHS graduate identified as Eunice, she had finished preparing food for her parents who were travelling to another town for a funeral and had begun washing her clothes and that of her parents when she heard knocking at the house gate.

As expected she opened the gate and that was when she first saw the woman, She identified herself as a worker of an orphanage, SOS and requested for used clothes to be given to the children at the orphanage.

Eunice explained that she found some of the used clothes for the woman but she demanded money in addition to the cloths. All along, there were two men sitting idle in a red car outside the gate.

As she spoke with the woman, the last thing she saw was something covering her nose. She fell into unconsciousness. Eunice told Rainbow Radio she woke up later in the same car that was parked outside with her face covered.

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In the course of the journey, they stumble unto a police barrier and the woman told the men they have to do something about her (Eunice). They parked and forced her into the car’s booth.

That was when she remembered she still had her phone in her pocket. She removed it and saw several messaged from her elder asking why she has left the house in the middle of a chore. She attempted to send a message to her sister that she has been kidnapped but sent it rather to her father.


She attempted to call her sister from the car booth but the kidnappers saw it and rushed out seized the phone. They, in turn, sent several messages to Eunice’s father in an attempt to confuse him.

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But the father had already informed a police friend of his who invited him to the police station to file an official complaint about his missing daughter.

“I was also receiving calls but could not also respond to them as well as the messages because I was not fully conscious. I attempted replying my sister’s message, however, the message went to my father. The kidnappers came to the boot, injected me with a substance and took the phone away from me,’’ Eunice narrated.

They finally took her to some unknown location. The only thing she could hear was her kidnappers discussing her sacrifice with the ritualist. But the ritualist told them she is unclean so they should take her back to where they picked her from.

‘’take her back, she is unclean and cannot be used’’, Eunice heard the ritualist telling the orphanage woman and the two men.

They came back to her and took her to some bush and dumped her there. They threw clothes and phone to her and told her she is unclean.

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The woman said to her: ‘’the man said you are clean and so we believe that because you are unclean, anything from you is also unclean.’’

Still lying in the bush, the kidnappers came back that they suspect her father is a policeman so they will take her home. But some of them disagree that it could lead to their arrest.

They finally asked her to show them a different location to take her to. So she told them to take her to her father’s church at Nkawkaw. Before leaving her there, they injected her with a substance which made her fall unconscious again.


Eunice was later found later by some people who rushed her to the hospital. The doctors discovered the substance she was injected with is cocaine. Eunice told the host she cannot identify any of the faces or any of the places they took her to.

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