“Stop Being Stingy” – Fan Tells Sarkodie In Public (Watch)


Hip hop rapper Sarkodie throughout the years has been labeled as being parsimonious both from industry players and the fans.

The rapper dissimilar to different big names isn’t regularly observed giving out blessings or showering money which is the way a few fans measure their VIPs of being parsimonious or not.

Another explanation behind individuals labeling him as closefisted is the way less he spends even on himself, utilizing the straightforward things simply like any common individual which is regarded not to accommodate his class as a VIP.

An ongoing video located online shows how the rapper was outshouted by a fan during a video shoot by R2Bees where the fan was heard saying in the neighborhood language that he should give.

Sarkodie anyway wouldn’t fret this fan however proceeded to execute his obligations on set for the afternoon and gave no consideration to that 5 seconds humiliating explanation or scene.

Below is the video…