Tracey Boakye Busted For Copying Cardi B’s Dressing And Flopping Mercilessly

Tracey Boakye has started dominating headlines following her recent donation to Cherube’s Orphanage in Kumasi. She is being trolled for inappropriate dressing to the event – a social media user has said she could acquire a GHC10 dress at Lapaz and slay better than Tracey Boakye did.

Though Tracey Boakye has tried to silence social media users to do something better like donating rather than wasting their time to insult her, that hasn’t prevented the trolls.

Apparently, Tracey Boakye has been exposed for copying Cardi B’s dressing.

A social media user has disclosed that Tracey Boakye tried a version out of Cardi B’s fashion style with her daughter, but she flopped mercilessly.

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