Lockdown: Woman Runs Away After Too Much ‘ATOPA’ From Husband (Watch)


In a video A2zgh.com has chanced on is a woman been chased by her husband for allegedly running away from his heavy strokes in bed amid lockdown.

Apparently, the lockdown in many countries across the world have given men the chance to make much love to their wife’s to fire the hell out of them during this lockdown period.

Even though most of the women are complaining over the excessive bouts given to them by their husbands but the men seems telling them that they can do more if the chance is given.

Well, the video saw a Nigerian lady who couldn’t endure the heavy strokes from his husbands and tried to save herself by running away from him.

Meanwhile, the heated husbands who sees nothing wrong for a married couples to engage in a sexual intercourse as many as they could, chased her wife and tried to drag her back under the roof for more rounds.


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Wife flees from husband for trying to kill her with sex.

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